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Established in December of 2005, Sacred Bodies Pilates and Dance is the longest running Pilates studio in Humboldt County.

At Sacred Bodies Pilates, You will discover that it's All In YOU! Let us help you find it. Whether you are an athlete looking to enhance your performance, a new mother looking to regain core strength, a hard working man preventing back pain, or a breast cancer survivor, our programs are tailored to your specific goals. Please see our Services and Schedules

We are very proud to be the only Pink Ribbon Program Certified Center in Humboldt County.We offer workouts to enhance recovery for breast cancer survivors. Please see Pink Ribbon Program.

Sacred Bodies Pilates & Dance has been offering holistic movement education in a safe and empowering environment since 2006. Our programs address your individual needs and teach you how to apply the concepts learned at the studio in your everyday life. This way you can consciously progress and make changes as you go about your day. Our studio format is designed to offer personalized attention as much as possible. During your private training there will never be another session or class held simultaneously. This allows you to try new things and challenge yourself further without distraction while promoting deeper communication with the instructor. If you prefer being a part of a class, try one of our Small group classes for a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Classes are limited in size so you will receive individual attention and have opportunities to ask questions and personalize your own workout.

Originally named Contrology, Pilates is a form of exercise that was created by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago.

The Pilates exercises are either performed on a mat using your own body weight, or with unique equipment utilizing springs for resistance. Joseph developed his work throughout the course of his lifetime by studying anatomy and watching the natural movement patterns of babies and animals. This attention to the foundation of movement is a basis in Pilates. Every exercise is designed to reinforce awareness and proper movement patterns of the body.

The principles of Pilates focus on proper breathing, centering of the body mind and spirit, control, precision, and fluidity of movement. The method emphasizes working the muscles of the abdomen and back referred to as the core. Training the body to work from the core or center reinforces proper alignment and uniformly develops the muscles throughout.

Many clients notice after training that they feel better overall in their body as well as stronger and more aware of their own movement patterns. Being aware of how you move while going about your daily life whether driving your car, sitting at a computer, and even walking will allow you to be more efficient and even prevent injuries.

Our comfortable, private studio is conveniently located in downtown Eureka. Have a Duet session with a friend on your lunch hour or take a small group mat class in the morning or evening.

All private sessions and mat classes are taught by owner and top Pilates instructor, Susie Kidd. Learn more about Susie under Owner/Instructor.

Sacred Bodies Pilates & Dance / 525 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501 / 
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