Keeping it personal, Joe Pilates style

Why Sacred Bodies?

My first Pilates teacher training was in 2002 with Natalie Huberman and modeled after Josephs original teacher training style of taking on a an apprentice.

Although I continued through many certification programs this classical Pilates base training is still the foundation of my training style with clients. 

My Pilates Lineage is as follows:
Joeseph Pilates > Ron Fletecher > Kim Lee > Stephan Frease > Natalie Huberman > Susie Kidd

At Sacred Bodies Pilates & Dance, equipment workouts are private training only and mat classes max at 8-10 to ensure you are getting a true connection with the work of Joseph Pilates that he originally named Contrology.

At Sacred Bodies Pilates & Dance you will be guided to the center of you where you will rediscover how your body moves and why. You will connect the dots to your holistic self creating a deeper connection and flow with your mind and body as well as your sacred bodies needs and desires.

Journey to Your Center & Rediscover Your Body

Established in 2006, Sacred Bodies Pilates and Dance is Humboldt Counties oldest Pilates Studio.

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Susie Kidd is an amazing and sensitive instructor who has the very special talent of "being there with you in Your Moment". Sessions with Susie are experiences your come to anticipate. She customizes each session to your needs, strengths and potential. You owe it to yourself to experience a session with Susie. Both me and my partner, Erin Stevenson, have benefited enormously from Susie being in our lives. Each day now starts with a much better sense of well being and optimism. And if you have chronic body issues (I do), Susie is a master at crafting experiences that integrate and nurture the body's own ability to heal and strengthen itself. We cannot find words to adequately praise both Susie's skills and the positive impact she has had on our lives. We are just grateful that Susie is a wonderful and welcome resource in our community.       Ed Duddleston

​I've been doing Pilates with Susie for 5 years now. Pilates have made a great difference in how I feel and my overall fitness. Susie's knowledge of the body is amazing and that gives her the ability to custom modify as needed to work with individual body issues. Thank you!! Carol. K